Touge no Kamameshi from Oginoya

The Touge no Kamameshi from Oginoya is one of the most famous ekiben and has been deeply cherished for decades in Japan. It is rather unique because the wonderful assortments of traditional Japanese foods are placed skillfully into a small ceramic pot (Kamameshi / 釜飯) which you are allowed to keep.

The dish features soy-sauce flavored rice topped with chicken, greater burdock (gobou), mushrooms, bamboo shoots, egg, green peas, pickled ginger, chestnuts, and apricot. It also comes with a tiny container that’s shaped like a daruma filled with pickled cucumber, baby eggplants, sour plum, and wasabi paste.

The ceramic pot can be taken home and used to make rice, hot pot, and some people even use it as a plant pot or a piggy bank!