About Swaps4

Commonly known by the online alias Swaps4, we are a marketing consultant specializing in branding, public relations, social media, writing, and web design.

We provide these services in English and Japanese.

Being a fan of anime, Japanese Culture, and Cool Japan we have channeled that passion into action which has grown into our company Kapurino Inc. located in Japan.

We have a strong understanding of online social dynamics and we work with various companies across the world.

Swaps4 is one of the brands and services we provide at Kapurino Inc.


ソーシャルメディア(SNS)を使用した マーケティングコンサルタント、パブリックリレーションズ、 ウェブデザイン、ライターの事業を行っています。

海外へのマーケティングに特化しております。 また、日本文化、日本の生活、アニメ、クールジャパンを中心とした日本から海外へのPR。 日本語、英語でのサービスを行っています。


April 18, 2024

Kawaii Kon 2024 in Honolulu Hawaii

I had the privilege of attending Kawaii Kon 2024 as a press member. This anime convention, which focused on Japanese animation and comics, took place at the Hawaii Convention Center […]
March 17, 2024

Yu-Gi-Oh! Quarter Century Chronicle Side:Unity

The Yu-Gi-Oh! series holds a dear place in my heart, filled with cherished memories. I vividly recall the excitement of obtaining the Yugi Starter Deck, bringing Yugi’s strategies to life […]
February 29, 2024

Weiss Schwarz Blue Archive Booster Pack Box

I’ve been an enthusiastic player of the widely popular mobile game Blue Archive since its global launch in 2021. Recently, I stumbled upon an exciting collaboration between the Blue Archive […]
February 22, 2024

Oyado Tamaki Japanese Ryokan Inn

The Oyado Tamaki Japanese ryokan Inn, nestled within the serene landscapes of Ikaho, Gunma, presents an immersive journey into the heart of Japanese onsen culture, offering more than just a […]
January 2, 2024

KFC Christmas 2023 in Japan

Season’s greetings! As we bid farewell to 2023, it’s that beautiful time again to partake in the cherished Japanese Christmas custom of savoring Kentucky Fried Chicken for our holiday feast. […]
December 24, 2023

Tsukimi “Moon-Viewing” Burger From McDonald’s Japan 2023

Japan’s seasonal offerings always captivate, and during autumn, McDonald’s Japan revealed its annual Tsukimi Burger (月見バーガー) for a fleeting appearance. Named after the cherished Japanese tradition of tsukimi (月見), this […]
August 2, 2023

Diablo IV Promo at Burger King Japan Gives You Epic Loot

In June, Burger King Japan held another unique collaboration with the highly-anticipated action role-playing game Diablo IV to celebrate the game’s launch.  The Lilith Spicy Tomato Double Whopper Cheeseburger and The Diablo […]
December 27, 2022

KFC Christmas 2022 in Japan

Happy holidays! As 2022 comes to an end, it’s time to enjoy the annual Japanese Christmas tradition of eating Kentucky Fried Chicken for dinner during the holiday season.  The fascinating […]
December 2, 2022

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure x Godiva Chocolates

The JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure franchise has teamed up with Belgian-based international chocolate maker Godiva for a fascinating collaboration. The collaboration celebrates Godiva’s 50th anniversary in Japan and the 10th anniversary of the JoJo’s […]