KFC Christmas 2022 in Japan

Happy holidays!

As 2022 comes to an end, it’s time to enjoy the annual Japanese Christmas tradition of eating Kentucky Fried Chicken for dinner during the holiday season. 

The fascinating Christmas tradition of eating fried chicken started in 1974 thanks to Takeshi Okawara’s dream of a “Party Barrel” to be sold on Christmas Day which was brought to life that year with the marketing campaign titled Kurisumasu ni wa Kentakkii, or Kentucky for Christmas in English. In my earlier post here, you can read more about how KFC became a tradition in Japan.

This year we ordered the original Christmas party barrel that includes 8 pieces of fried chicken, a specialty four-cheese chicken Doria, a double Fromage cheesecake, and a 2022 version of the KFC Christmas Plate. The Christmas party barrel cost 4,280 yen ($32.11 USD).

The barrel also includes a handwritten note from the store. The note is a thank you message from the store and wishes the customers a wonderful time with KFC.

This year we tried the Premium Series Chicken for a second time and it costs 6,200 yen ($46.51 USD) and is pre-order only with limited quantity. The chicken is packed inside a tote bag and includes a special gravy sauce and instructions on preparing the chicken.

The top layer of the chicken skin features mushroom and parmesan cheese stuffing. The chicken brand is Gokoku Aji Dori and it is incredibly succulent.

We also ordered the roasted chicken leg for 1,280 yen ($9.60 USD) and a roasted chicken breast with white sauce for 1,380 yen ($10.35 USD).

Of course, we had the KFC biscuits that came included in the biscuits and chips box for 1,230 yen ($9.23 USD).

That’s it for this year’s annual KFC Christmas food. Thank you for taking the time to read this post and happy holidays!