KFC Christmas 2020

I love taking part in the unique Japanese Christmas tradition of eating Kentucky Fried Chicken for dinner during the wintertime season. The Christmas tradition of eating fried chicken first started in 1974 thanks to Takeshi Okawara’s dream of a “Party Barrel” to be sold on Christmas Day which was brought to life that year with the marketing campaign titled Kurisumasu ni wa Kentakkii, or “Kentucky for Christmas” in English. You can read more about how KFC became a tradition in Japan in my earlier post here.

This year we ordered the original Christmas party barrel that includes 8 pieces of fried chicken, a special shrimp gratin, a triple-berry tiramisu cake, and a 2020 version of the KFC Christmas Plate. The Christmas party barrel cost 4,100 yen ($39.68 USD).

The barrel also included a handwritten note from the store. The note is a thank you message from the store and wishes the customers to have a wonderful time with KFC.

We also ordered the Bis-Pote BBQ chicken box which consisted of potato fries, 3 biscuits, and 1 BBQ chicken for a total of 1,800 yen ($17.42 USD).

Here is a closer look at the full Christmas 2020 menu at KFC:

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and happy holidays!