Crispy Fish & Chips from Domino’s Pizza Japan

Domino’s Pizza Japan recently revealed a Crispy Fish & Chips pizza for a limited time and as a British expat living in Japan, I knew it was my duty to try it.

I always cherish the unique products that Japan produces and this one hit close to home. Fish & Chips on a pizza? What’s next? Baked beans on pizza?

The Fish & Chips pizza consisted of crispy fried white fish fillets topped with lemon slices, potato slices, basil, tartar sauce, with a base of tomato sauce. The most surprising thing was that it tasted good. All the flavors blended in well together but this might just be nostalgic memories of eating Fish & Chips by the sea coming back.

We also ordered the Quattro Giant that is a 4-part pizza and a great way to try out various toppings. The pizza we ordered consisted of Charcoal Grilled Chiki-Teri, Domino Deluxe, Mayo Jaga, and Garlic Master.

For the sides, we decided on the Crispy Fish & Chips which was 5 pieces of crispy fried white fish fillets with a side of tartar sauce.

M-Size (8 pieces) Japanese-style fried chicken that was super succulent boneless chicken.

Finally, the Pizza Rice Bowl that I’ve wanted to try since they first announced them back in May. We went with the Pizza Rice Bowl Goryeo Galbi that was jam-packed with flavors. It contained Butter Rice, Cheese, Beef Galbi, Green Peppers, and Garlic. I’m very fond of this product and I will order it again to try out the different flavors.

The pizza boxes are sealed shut with a sticker just so you know that no one tampered with your food.

Here’s everything we ordered in one picture.