Yom Exhibition at Akihabara


Last Friday I was visiting Tokyo for work and was able to find time to visit Yom‘s exhibition based on his works which took place at Toranoana Akihabara C Store in Akihabara.

Being a big fan of his, I was rather excited to be able to experience his works in front of my very own eyes.

At the entrance, I was greeted by a few posters with his illustrations on giving you information about what merchandise is available for purchase and the cost.

The wall scrolls you could purchase were shown on display.

In the middle was a table with various merchandise, the most popular being his doujin art books such as Yom Tights Ruri, Yom Tights Beniaka, Yom Tights HisuiSake Tights and his most recent collaboration title Kuro Tights which features illustrations from 42 different artists across Japan such as Yom, 40hara, Nohito, Taira Tsukune and many more.

The merchandise on the table ranged from mousepads, wall scrolls, doujin art books, fabric posters, and acrylic figures.

They also had the life-sized butt mousepad of his works on display, which is currently open for pre-orders for the western fans.

There was also a gashapon machine present, where you could pay 500 yen ($4.47 USD) for a chance to get your favorite illustration by Yom on a button or a glass cleaning cloth.

Of course, I wanted a glass cleaning cloth since I’m tired of using tissues so I ended up testing my luck!

Throughout the exhibition, his works were framed for display and I’ll let the images speak for themselves.

His newest collaboration title Kuro Tights had a section of its own.

The merchandise available for purchase varied from wall scrolls to illustrations on a canvas.

The wonderful illustrations featured in Kuro Tights were also framed for display.

The exhibition ends today, but be sure to follow Yom on Twitter to keep up-to-date with his latest works!