Tsukimi “Moon-Viewing” Burger from McDonald’s Japan

One of the fascinating things about Japan is the limited-time seasonal products. Since autumn is nearing, McDonald’s Japan is offering the yearly Tsukimi Burger (月見バーガー) for a limited time.

The burger is named after the popular Japanese tradition of tsukimi (月見) which is a mid-autumn moon-viewing festival honoring the bright autumn moon. Each burger has an egg that is supposed to resemble the moon.

The Cheese Tsukimi Burger contains cheese, smoked bacon, beef patty, and a fried egg.

Cheese Tsukimi Burger

The Noukou Fuwatoro Tsukimi burger is the same as the Cheese Tsukimi Burger but has a different type of bun and adds a layer of fluffy scrambled eggs under the beef patty.

Noukou Fuwatoro Tsukimi

Sadly the Tsukimi McFlurry melted by the time we got home but it’s a combination of warabi-mochi (bracken starch), kuromitsu sauce (brown sugar syrup), and crushed ice cream cone and kinako (roasted soybean).

Tsukimi McFlurry

The Tsukimi Pie that was a huge hit last year is back again and it’s a crispy pie filled with sweet red bean paste with mochi.

Tsukimi Pie

If you happen to be in Japan, I highly suggest trying out the Cheese Tsukimi Burger and Tsukimi Pie. They’re my favorites from this year’s line-up.