Tsukimi “Moon-Viewing” Burger From McDonald’s Japan 2023

Japan’s seasonal offerings always captivate, and during autumn, McDonald’s Japan revealed its annual Tsukimi Burger (月見バーガー) for a fleeting appearance.

Named after the cherished Japanese tradition of tsukimi (月見), this burger pays homage to the mid-autumn moon-viewing festival, symbolizing the radiant autumn moon with its egg centerpiece.

The Cheese Tsukimi Burger boasts a combination of cheese, smoked bacon, a beef patty, and a fried egg.

The all-new Shichimi Kaoru Gyusuki Tsukimi (Scent of Shichimi Beef Sukiyaki Tsukimi) burger adds a flavorful twist. It echoes the Cheese Tsukimi Burger but features a sukiyaki-style simmered beef base and a distinctive fiery chili and black pepper blend sauce.

And let’s not forget the Tsukimi Pie, a beloved favorite making a return. This crispy delight encases sweet red bean paste with mochi, a nostalgic treat available for a limited time.