Tenga Valentine’s Day Chocolate 2021

Japanese adult toy company Tenga has released three limited Valentine’s Day themed Tenga chocolate shaped in its signature adult toy cup container. Please keep in mind that this is just chocolate and not the actual adult toy.

This year the Valentine’s Day Tenga chocolate lineup has three unique flavors. Crispy lemon taste, crispy cacao taste, and granules strawberry. The Tenga Chocolate set can be purchased from the official Tenga website for a total of 1,620 yen ($15.44 USD) or in stores across Japan.

The Tenga Chocolate would make a great gag gift for close friends or your partner.

The crispy cacao taste uses 70% cacao. The crispy lemon taste uses 5.5% Sicilian lemon and the granules strawberry uses 6.7% of tochiotome (The most popular strawberry brand in Japan).