Street Fighter V Pocky K.O. Challenge Japan

Capcom’s Street Fighter V has teamed up with Ezaki Glico’s Pocky for a second Pocky K.O. Challenge campaign! The Pocky K.O. Challenge is a rather unique game challenge that debuted through a special exhibition match conducted during CAPCOM CUP 2019. 

The Pocky K.O. happens when a player wins a Street Fighter V match while the player has a health gauge similar to a Pocky stick.

A special Pocky Street Fighter V edition package was sold exclusively in the USA to commemorate the fantastic collaboration and this time around the 2nd Pocky K.O. Challenge is widely available in six countries: USA, Japan, the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, and Vietnam.

Today I’ll be taking a look at the Japan Collaborative Package of the Pocky K.O. Challenge which is currently available on Amazon Japan!

Here’s a video explaining what a Pocky K.O. is and how to achieve it!