Sugoi Dekai Food at Restaurant Pumpkin in Gunma

Italian Tomato (イタリアントマト)small size for 1,030 yen

Restaurant Pumpkin is a famous restaurant in Gunma known for its humungous food portions and has been featured on Japanese television numerous times.

This restaurant is a hotspot for the locals and the year is ending so we decided to scratch it off our bucket list.

The restaurant is super busy so we made sure to arrive the moment it opened and quickly grabbed a table to prepare our battle with huge portions of carbs.

We ordered the regular sized Spaghetti Gratin(グラタンスパゲッティ) that is in a family size donabe (earthenware pot) dish and comes with one non-alcoholic drink for a total of 880 yen ($7.69 USD).

The Hamburger Steak Lunch Set (ハンバーグステーキランチ) includes rice and miso soup with one non-alcohol drink for 880 yen ($7.69 USD).

Lastly, the small-sized Italian Tomato (イタリアントマト)that is half a loaf of bread full of spaghetti topped with a white sauce and cheese for 1,030 yen ($9.90 USD).

After almost an hour of devouring the task at hand, we were able to complete our mission of cleaning our plates.

Here’s a closer look at the menu. Next time I want to try the curry Italian spaghetti in a bread loaf. Hopefully, I will be able to defeat that task also.

Inside of the restaurant