POKEMON COLORS is a unique hands-on interactive exhibition in a spacious venue featuring five color-themed activities based on the Pokémon world. Company 1→10 was responsible for the entire exhibition’s creative and technical aspects.

The Colors City activity features a giant screen, and the goal of this game is to throw balls at the glowing blocks. The city will become more radiant for each successful hit and Pokemon will appear.

The Colors Road involves riding a bike that displays your progress on a giant screen. When the button is pressed on the handlebar as you pass a Pokemon, the Pokemon on the screen will be highlighted with various colors.

The Colors Lake activity requires you to cast a fishing rod into the lake displayed on the screen to catch water-type Pokemon. For each successful catch, the screen is filled with radiant colors that shimmer across the water and hidden Pokemon often appear on the ice glaciers.

The Colors Forest has giant balloon-like trees that you shake to make nuts, berries, and Pokemon fall out. The screen is blasted with various colors as you play.

Colors Circle consists of 12 interactive screens with different Pokemon using artwork from the exhibition on each screen. A light and sound show is randomly played.

Once you exit the exhibit, you are welcomed by a shop featuring various original merchandise based on POKÉMON COLORS.