Pikachu-Flavor Potato Chips in Japan

Japanese snack food manufacturer KOIKE-YA (湖池屋) has collaborated with The Pokémon Company for two Pikachu inspired flavors for its Karamucho (spicy) and Suppamucho (sour) potato chips. A total of 3 limited packages are available with one rare package featuring Mimikyu. The packages were released across Japan on July 13, 2020, and can be found in almost any supermarket in Japan.

The 10,000 volts of pepper flavor is hot potato chips that are covered in Zanthoxylum simulans and black pepper that would leave an electrifying buzz on your tongue.

The lightning lemon flavor is a mix of lemon and vinegar that honestly tastes like salt and vinegar chips with the zest of a lemon. It brought back memories of eating salt and vinegar Walkers in England.

The back of the package features a Pokemon card style design with the mascot of Karamucho (spicy) and Suppamucho (sour) potato chips.