Kyosuke Usuta Recreates Volume 23 of Dragon Ball

The September 2022 issue of the Saikyo Jump features an illustration of volume 23 of Dragon Ball recreated by Kyosuke Usuta, the creator of Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoi yo!! Masaru-san.

The illustration was drawn as part of the ongoing Dragon Ball Super Gallery project commemorating the 40th Anniversary of the series and has different manga artists redesigning one of the 42 covers of the Dragon Ball manga series until November 2024 in the Saikyo Jump magazine every month.

The September 2022 issue of the Saikyo Jump includes a few bonuses, including One Piece postcards, One Piece Wanted sticker set of 6, and a few promo trading cards. The trading cards included in this issue: One Piece Card Game (Monkey D. Luffy, Trafalgar Law, Kaido, and Yamato) promo cards, Super Dragon Ball Heroes Orange Piccolo:SH promo card, and a Yu-Gi-Oh! Rush Duel OCG Voidverg Tranzi promo card.