Custom Car Itasha Features Projectors Which Can Display Anime and More!

I’m sure you’re all aware of Itasha, which are literally cars decorated with images of fictional characters of anime, manga, or video games.

Recently Twitter user RellTWS uploaded a video of an Infiniti Q45 which features 2 mini projectors set up inside facing towards the windows playing scenes from the Oreimo series while the legendary song “nexus” by ClariS is booming. The car is an Infiniti Q45 with a Toyota 1JZ Swap, with a garupan shift knob which has two projectors set up inside and owned by car enthusiast night_flight__.

Imagine displaying what you want on your car windows, the possibilities with a projector are endless!

RellTWS explained that his friend night_flight__ bought mini projectors online to make this project happen. He also shared images of how this unique feat was achieved. Transparent holographic projection film was applied to the inside of the windows to make it possible.

Here are some images of night_flight__‘s pride and joy, courtesy of RellTWS.