McDonald’s Japan Teams up with Pokémon!

McDonald’s Japan is collaborating with The Pokémon Company for a limited-time campaign that introduces a new collection called “Sweets Trio Furuchu” featuring Pikachu. The new collection is a play on the Japanese pronunciation of “fruit” (furutsu) combined with Pikachu to make Furuchu.

The first new item from the “Sweets Trio Furuchu” menu is a yellow peach-flavored McShake with a total of six different designs. The small size has three different designs to collect and will cost 120 yen ($1.10 USD). While the medium size also has three different designs to collect and will cost 200 yen ($1.83 USD).

The second item is a chocolate banana McFlurry that costs 290 yen ($2.65 USD) with three different designs. The iconic vanilla-flavored ice cream in a cup is topped with sweet banana and rich chocolate sauce, and sprinkled with crushed crispy banana-flavored corn pieces.

Lastly, the hot apple custard pie costs 150 yen ($1.37 USD) and has a total of three different designs. The Pikachu-themed hot apple pie is made with apples, custard cream, cinnamon, and vanilla beans.

In addition to the new menu items, new Pokémon toys are up for grabs in Happy Meals.

From June 11 new Pokémon toys will be included in Happy Meals and they are the Pikachu Balance Challenge, Pikachu Dash, and Pikachu Dunk toys. From June 17, customers can get their hands on the Pikachu Get! Ball Attack, Pikachu Trick Ring Toss, and Pikachu Janken Attack.