JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure x Tokyo Skytree

Tokyo Skytree is collaborating with the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure franchise with an event called JOJOTREE: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure in Tokyo Skytree. The event will be held from May 10 to August 9, and is part of the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure anime’s 10th-anniversary project.

The website lists several event features, including photography spots with newly drawn illustrations of the characters, a limited cafe menu with JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure-themed drink and food, and a special video commemorating the collaboration that will be played at the SKYTREE ROUND THEATER. There will also be limited goods, special lighting inspired by characters from the series, along with a JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure exhibition and decorations.

JOJOTREE: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure in Tokyo Skytree is one of several plans that were revealed via the anime’s 10th-anniversary website. A promotional video spotlighting the different JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure anime seasons was also released with the anniversary project’s announcement.

Source: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure x Tokyo Skytree