Evangelion X Dassai Collaboration Recreates Misato’s Apartment

The producer of “Dassai” sake, Asahi Shuzo Co, Ltd., has revealed that they will hold a special collaboration event with the Evangelion series at Dassai’s flagship store in Ginza, Tokyo, from June 7, 2021, to June 31, 2021.

Evangelion‘s Misato Katsuragi is known for her love for Dassai which is a sake that is popular in Japan and the dining room will be fully recreated for fans to enjoy.

The store will feature graphic panels displaying the various recurring alarms displayed in the Evangelion series on the front windows and inside.

The main booth at the back of the store will be a full reproduction of Misato’s dining room with bottles of Dassai scattered around, just like they were shown in the anime series.

Dassai notes that the bottles that appear in the film are slightly different than the ones that appear in real life, but they have made identical bottles to represent the scene in the film in full detail.

In addition, with the cooperation of Sapporo Breweries Ltd. and UCC Ueshima Coffee Co, Ltd. the designs of EBISU beer and UCC café au lait cans were made again, based on the original film. They will only be for display, and not for sale.

Source: Asahi Shuzonatalie