So, you want to write for Haruhichan – that’s great! We’re always looking for new talent willing to lend a helpful hand to our community of writers. Boasting over a million visitors per month and a thriving network spread across several social media platforms, writing for us can open many doors; as a journalist, as an online blogger, or even just as a vocal fan of anime and Japanese pop-culture, Haruhichan will give you the opportunity for your voice to be heard, and to better yourself.

Writing for a website of this scale doesn’t come easily though – with millions viewing our content, the articles needs to be sharp, engaging, and well written. Be it a news piece, a review, or a post with just some preview images, this guide will help you learn what it takes to be a better writer.

Given our reputation, the writers of Haruhichan must adhere to a high standard of work. As a result, we strongly prefer applicants with past blogging experience. Experience with the WordPress editor is a plus but not a deciding factor.

Furthermore, we prefer a dedicated team member who has the motivation to deliver consistently, and thus a minimum quota of 5 posts per week has been set for all news writers.

First and foremost, what makes up a post? We all see the paragraphs of text along with the images thrown in there but there’s more to making a professional looking post than simply throwing words and pictures on a page. The anatomy of a well-made post is composed of proper formatting, the right usage of tags, a coherent and exciting writing style (open to creative license of course), and the use of photos that are relevant, eye-catching and appropriate for the given post. An exhaustive guide will be provided, should a prospective writer be accepted after the application process, detailing the minor nuances of our format such as italicizing names or sourcing content.

If a writer is faced with any issues, an editor will always be willing to step in and help out! Which of course brings us to the importance of editors. Developing and cultivating your relationship with an editor is essential.

Participation in the Skype group and coordination among other writers and editors is a must in this line of work. One must let others know what articles they are picking up and let editors know to proofread and publish them when they are finished. So as long as the quota is met, there should not be any problems!

But more about quotas – depending on the type of writer you are (news, reviewer, etc.) you will be given a quota. Compliance to this quota is essential – a collective RSS feed with a constant stream of news will be provided and Haruhichan’s seasonal charts are updated regularly. Reviewers and reporters alike will be given material to work with, provided they are motivated enough to do so.

As mentioned before, more information will be given in the comprehensive guide; what should be taken away from this 101 is that formatting, attitude, motivation and more than anything a willingness to learn and improve are what it takes to become a good writer. We at Haruhichan believe in this philosophy and take pride in practicing it. Any applicants willing to be a part of our team need only apply here – give us a sample of your work that measures up to an industry expected standard and we will consider having you aboard as soon as we see it!

We hope you were able to take something from this quick introduction to writing for Haruhichan Network!